About the website:

I made this website to tell the story of my trip from Mexico to Canada on the Continental Divide Trail. Here’s how it works.

  • The CDT Blog page is where to find the latest dispatches from the journey. Many of the posts will be made directly from my iPhone. Since functionality is limited, these will include one photo and some text. When I get to towns with computers, I hope to make more detailed posts, complete with photo slideshows at the bottom.
  • The CDT Blog Archive page is simply a running log of links back to the individual blog posts. This is meant to tell the whole story sequentially – from beginning to end – and to keep it all contained in one easy-to-access space.
  • The Location page shows where I am on the map. Using a SPOT tracker, I can drop a pin to within a few meters of my location. The plan is to check in every other day. Long-distance tracking is made possible by trackleaders, an awesome free service. (Can I getta one-time!?)
  • The CDT Town Master List is a basic blueprint of the trip. It includes information to help me out along the way, including days and mileage between towns, trail angels, hotels, motels and hostels, resupply drops and other miscellania.

About the blogger:

I was born in El Paso. I’ve got four brothers, two step, two blood, all younger, all taller. As youths, we made a living of raising hell. I spent much time in the Sacramento Mountains near a town called Cloudcroft. Then I went away to TCU, drank too much beer, traveled to many places, studied in the Galapagos, tried to learn the meaning of life, tried to push over the Great Wall of China, and failed on both accounts. I succeeded, though, in eating a scorpion. I think it gave me secret powers.

I moved to Denver then to Laramie. It was cold. I worked as a journalist. I reawakened my latent love of the mountains and found a catharsis in moving and being outdoors. Nowadays my friends make fun of me for taking too many pictures of trees and posting them on Instagram. I love my friends nonetheless, and my family, and always imagine reuniting with them to live out our lives in some place that is happy. Whether that’s feasible or quixotic remains to be seen. I intend to fight for it either way.

But first I am walking in deserts and mountains from Mexico to Canada, and I hope to learn about myself and the Rockies and the people of the west along the way; and I hope to expand my philosophies and self reliance and knowledge and hardihood and sensitivity – all of this in a great adventure, six months in duration, 2,800 miles in length, along the Continental Divide. Sometimes, I like to think of it as Mex-to-Can. Other times, I just think of it as batshit crazy.

I want very badly to do this trip, though, in the pure spirit of adventure, and to pit myself against something that is difficult and bigger than me and scary. I want to do it so that, when I come to die, I will not discover that I had not lived, as Thoreau so famously put it. I’m writing about it here just to share the story and sharpen my skills and have fun. I like to have fun, but sometimes I do get serious. It’s an oscillation from sadness to happiness, and it often makes life feel like a dream.

What else?

I’m 27. And. Well. I suppose these are the things I think are good to know about people, and so those are the good things to know about me. If you found that boring, the rest is worse, trust me, and you’re probably better off investigating other Internet rabbit holes.

So. That’s it, really…