CDT Town Master List

CDT Town Master List

Town: Lordsburg

Miles: 90

Days: 4.5 (@ 20 miles a day)

Canister: CDTC Shuttle

Resupply: Full: Saucedo’s Grocery

Miscellaneous: CDT Coalition: 303.996.2759.


Town: Silver City

Miles: 53-60

Days: 3 (@ 20 miles a day)

Canister: Hike & Bike, 103 E. College Ave.

Resupply: Albertson’s & Walmart



Town: Doc Campbell’s – Gila Hot Springs

Miles: 45-50

Days: 3

Miles/Days to Pie Town: 125/6.25 days

Canister: No, HEET maybe

Resupply: Maildrop. USPS Priority Mail. Send package early. At least 6 days. Provide hiker ETA. Chilton Tippin/ C/O Doc Campbell’s Post/ HC 68, Box 80/ Silver City, NM 88061. Small C-Store.

Miscellaneous: Doc Campbell’s 575-536-9551.


Town: Pie Town

Miles: 125

Days: 6.25

Miles/Days to Grants: 116/6 days

Maps: Pie Town-Grants; Grants-Cuba.

Canister: Probably not

Resupply: Maildrop. General Delivery USPS.


Town: Grants

Miles: 116

Days: 6

Canister: Walmart

Resupply: Walmart

Miscellaneous: In between Pie and Grants, Hugo and Carole Mumm cached 4 water stops.


Town: Cuba

Miles: 107-111

Days: 5.5

Miles/Days to Ghost Ranch: 53-57; 3 Days

Maps: Cuba-Ghost Ranch; Ghost Ranch-Chama.

Canister: No, HEET yes

Resupply: Limited at Saveway. 575. 289.3454. Mon-Sat 9a-7p. Sun 9a-5p.

Miscellaneous: Internet at Library. 575.289.3100. Circle A Ranch – 5 miles north of Cuba at the end of Los Pinos Road. 575.289.3350. $45 for bunk room.


Town: Ghost Ranch

Miles: 53-57

Days: 3

Miles/Days to Chama: 81-93; 4.65 Days

Canister: No

Resupply: Maildrop.

Miscellaneous: Internet, showers, laundry and such.


Town: Chama (Winter Resupply/Maps)

Miles: 81-93 to Cumbres Pass, + 12 mi hitch

Days: 4.65

Maps: Chama-Monarch Mountain Lodge (4 stops)

Canister: Lowes, 2451 US 84

Resupply: Full resupply. Chama Valley Supermarket.

Miscellaneous: Snow gear. Train Chama to Cumbres pass. Ask for hiker rate. Internet at Library or Visitor’s Center. Y Motel: 575.756.2166.


Town: Pagosa Springs

Miles: 70 + 22 mile hitch Wolf Creek Pass

Days: 3.5

Canister: Yes

Resupply: Full

Miscellaneous: Music Festival June 5-7. TA: Addi Greer: Pinewood Inn: 970.264.5715. Ask for hiker rate.) Sky View Motel (cheaper) – 970.264.5803.


Town: South Fork

Resupply: Full

Miscellaneous: I didn’t hike into South Fork, but am adding it here because it is an option in this area. I’ve heard good things about this town, and it’s registered as a CDTC gateway community.


Town: Silverton – Stony Pass

Miles: 85

Days: 4.5 (Or, if skip Silverton, plan for 7.)

Canister: Yes

Resupply: Full. No maildrop here. Might skip.

Miscellaneous: TA Wiffer picks people up. Cell service @ peak 12721 – 2.5 miles south of Stony Pass.


Town: Lake City – Spring Creek Pass

Miles: 33 + 17 miles hitch north on Hwy 9

Days: 2 (Or, if skip Silverton, plan for 7.)

Canister: No

Resupply: Full resupply

Miscellaneous: Maybe shuttle service from pass: 970-944-2387. Internet @ library. The Raven’s Rest – work for stay or $25. 970.944.7119. – Maybe call for ride from pass?


Town: Monarch Mountain Lodge – Monarch Pass

Miles: 101 miles + easy hitch – 6 miles to Monarch Mountain Lodge; 20 miles to Salida

Days: 5

Miles/Days to Twin Lakes: 75-83; 4 Days

Maps: Monarch Mountain Lodge-Encampment, Wyoming (5 stops)

Canister: Salida Mountain Sports, 110 N F Street

Resupply: Maildrop. c/o Monarch Mountain Lodge/ 22720 West US Hwy 50/ Monarch, CO 81227

Miscellaneous: No outgoing mail from MM Lodge. 719.539.2581.


Town: Twin Lakes

Miles: 75-83

Days: 4

Miles/Days to Breckenridge: 72-74; 4.1

Canister: Yes, General store

Resupply: Maildrop. Limited in-town resupply. (Maybe Clent and/or Zach?). PO in general store. Chilton Tippin/ General Delivery/ Twin Lakes, CO 81251. 719.486.2196.

Miscellaneous: Twin Peaks Cabins cheapest lodging. $75. 719.486.2196. Mt. Elbert and Massive side-trips in next leg.


Town: Breckenridge

Miles: 72-74, including Elbert. +- 8 miles for Mammoth

Days: 4.1 (Mammoth included)

Canister: Likely but unconfirmed. Mountain Outfitters.

Resupply: Full resupply.

Miscellaneous: Mt. Elbert and Massive side trips. Pass through Copper Mountain night before Breck.


Town: Grand Lake

Miles: 133

Days: 6.65

Canister: Never Summer Mountain, 919 Grand Ave.

Resupply: Full resupply.

Miscellaneous: Plan a day for the RMNP Loop. Shadowcliff Hostel 970.627.9220. Accepts pacakages: c/o Shadowcliff Hostel/ PO Box 658/ Grand Lake, CO 80447.


Town: Steamboat Springs – Rabbit Ears Pass – Hwy 40

Miles: 76 + 20 mile hitch from REP

Days: 3.8

Canister: Ski Haus, 1457 Pine Grove Rd.

Resupply: Full. City Market, Safeway

Miscellaneous: Call friends in Laramie. Maybe we can meet at Battle Pass or Hogpark Reservoir, in which case maildrop is to post office in Encampment.


Town: Encampment, WY – Battle Pass

Miles: 80-80, + 18 mile hitch from BP

Days: 4

Miles/Days to Rawlins: 82-84; 4.1 Days

Maps: Encampment-South Pass City (2 stops)

Canister: Riverside Garage, 107 Riverside Ave.

Resupply: Maildrop. Limited. Post Office: Chilton Tippin/ General Delivery/Encampment, WY 82325 OR, if staying here: Chilton Tippin/ Vacher’s Bighorn Lodge/ 508 McCaffrey Ave./ Encampment, WY 82325. Call first for Vacher’s: 307.327.5747.

Miscellaneous: Meh. Call friends.


Town: Rawlins

Miles: 82-84

Days: 4.1

Canister: Walmart

Resupply: Full. Avoid maildrop, cuz town is big. Resupply at City Market.

Miscellaneous: Oak Tree Inn, $99, 307.324.4700, free breakfast. Days Inn, $80 (lower hiker rate), 307.324.6615. La Bella Motel $45 307.324.2583.


Town: South Pass City (or Atlantic City. Print both. Decide later.)

Miles: 113-119

Days: 6

Miles/Days to Pinedale: 90-95; 4.5

Maps: South Pass City-Lima (4 stops)

Canister: No

Resupply: Maildrop. c/o Friends of South Pass City/ 125 South Pass Main/ South Pass City, WY or Miner’s Grubstake in Atlantic City. c/o Miner’s Grubstake/ 150 East Atlantic City Main St./ Atlantic City, WY 82520

Miscellaneous: In Atlantic City, maybe possible to stay at community center, which also has computers/Internet.


Town: Pinedale – Seneca Lake Trail – Elkhart TH

Miles: 80 to Seneca Trail; 10.3 to Elkhart TH; + 15 mile hitch.

Days: 4.5

Canister: Great Outdoor Shop, 332 W. Pine St.

Resupply: Full resupply.

Miscellaneous: Figure out how to visit Dinwoody Glacier. Also, if you want to do the Teton Alternate. Also, bear canister/bag? Also, plan Yellowstone backcountry. Yogi Pg. 291


Town: Dubois – Togwotee Pass

Miles: 104, 28 mile (very tough) hitch 🙁

Days: 5.5

Canister: Wind River Gear, 332 W Pine Street

Resupply: Full resupply

Miscellaneous: In Dubois, Stagecoach Motor Inn: 307.455.2303. Maybe make reservations in Old Faithful Village. YNP Central Reservations: 307.344.7311.


Town: Old Faithful Village

Miles: 102

Days: 5

Canister: Old Faithful General Store.

Resupply: Decent Resupply

Miscellaneous: Old Faithful Lodge $72. No Internet here? Try to make reservation @ Mountain View Hotel.


Town: Lima, MT – @ I-15

Miles: 110, Mountain View Motel Pickup – 406.276.3535.

Days: 5.5

Miles/Days to Leadore: 102/ 5 Days

Maps: Lima-Benchmark (6 stops)

Canister: Big Sky Resorts and Services

Resupply: Maildrop. c/o Mountain View Motel/ 111 Bailey Street/ Lima, MT 59739. Limited @ Large C-Store Exxon.


Town: Leadore, ID (Bannock Pass)

Miles: 102 Miles + 12 mile difficult hitch, Trish Bever for ride (LEY MT 57)

Days: 5

Miles/Days to Darby: 123; 6.5 Days

Canister: No

Resupply: Limited. Stagestop. Maildrop – General Delivery/ Leadore, ID 83464

Miscellaneous: Free camping at Stagestop. Leadore Inn 208.768.2237.


Town: Darby – Lost Trail Pass

Miles: 123 – 31 mile hitch to Darby

Days: 6.5

Canister: Mr. T’s Mercantile.

Resupply: supermarket

Miscellaneous: Sula is closer (6 mi) but no resupply.


Town: Anaconda

Miles: 100

Days: 5

Canister: ?

Resupply: Full. Albertson’s. Safeway.

Miscellaneous: Celtic House, $48, 406.563.2372. Trade Winds Motel, $63, 406.563.3428.


Town: Helena

Miles: 80 Miles + 15 mile hitch from MacDonald Pass

Days: 4

Canister: Walmart, 2750 Prospect Ave.

Resupply: Full resupply.

Miscellaneous: GNP Permit. Figure it out.


Town: Lincoln

Miles: 67 miles + 20 mile hitch Rogers Pass

Days: 3.5

Canister: No

Resupply: Full resupply.

Miscellaneous: Three Bears Motel, $25 bunkhouse, 406.362.4355. Call ahead regarding Benchmark maildrop resupply. 406.467.3110.


Town: Benchmark Ranch

Miles: 58 miles + 1.5 miles from trail.

Days: 3

Miles/Days to East Glacier: 135; 7 Days

Maps: Benchmark-Waterton (2 Stops)

Canister: No

Resupply: Maildrop. Call before sending box. 406.467.3110. Send $25 to receive package separately. c/o Darwin and Shelly Heckman/ 422 County Line Road/ Fairfield, MT 59436.


Town: East Glacier

Miles: 135

Days: 7

Canister: Glacier Park Trading Co.

Resupply: Good resup.

Miscellaneous: Brownie’s Hostel – 406.226.4426. $20 dorm room.


Town: Many Glacier

Miles: 67

Days: 3.5

Canister: ?, probably not.

Resupply: Many Glacier Campstore. Might need maildrop if really late in season.

Miscellaneous: Must have passport by now, or you’re not getting into Canada.


Town: Waterton

Miles: 40 Miles & DONE!